Want to know who's serving you?
Meet your staff at the Black Watch Pub

Evening Bartender

Jennifer has been with us for nearly 2 years.  She's adapted to the Black Watch Pub life well.  She keeps the beers flowing and makes sure everybody is happy.  She is one of the best in the business.  That's why she is so excited for us to get our hard liquor license so she can show off her cocktail mixing skills.  We are all waiting, Jennifer. . .


Daytime Bartender

After a hiatus from the Pub while having

 a baby girl, Sarah is back with us at the

 Pub.  Her smiling face and affable 

personality will always make you feel at

ease.  She'll have you laughing in no 

time.  This girl has a sense of humor.  And

 she knows how to pour a proper pint.  

Welcome back, Sarah!


Evening Bartender

This is Nadia.  She is the strong, silent 

type. Though she came to us with no 

bartending experience, she has quickly

 caught onto the groove of the Pub.  Her

 no nonsense approach in getting you

 served quickly and efficiently is innate

 for her.  She knows how to keep her 

customers happy.  She is a "go with the

 flow" kind of gal, but always has a

 handle on the task at hand.  To boot, she

 is the "Fashion Statement Queen" of our

 Pub family.


Weekend Bartender

Darlene joined us during World Cup last June and since, she has been rocking the Pub.

She gets what it's like to be a musician, because she is one.

This lady has got a beautiful soul.

Between serving beers, she might just grab the microphone and jump up on stage herself.


Daytime Bartender

Meet Erin, our newest day time

 bartender. This one is not only a

 beauty, she's got brains to match.

  Watching her bust a move behind the

bar, Erin is able to balance it all and

 keeps her cool the whole time.  Her

 service and personality shine through

 making her a perfect addition to our

 Pub Family.



Meet our new chef, Sarah.  This girl has

 talent.  She has taken Taco Tuesday to

 the next level.  She has gone beyond 

Baja Style Fish tacos and mixes up a

 blend of ingredients that meld together

 your favorite flavors all in a taco. 

 Fish and chip tacos anyone?  

She is creative and talented in the kitchen

 and we are happy to welcome her to our 

Pub family.



Meet Cara, our newest addition to our

 Pub Family.  Cara comes to us from the

 Honda Center VIP Club.  This girl 

emanates positive vibes.  She just beams 

and smiles all the time.  Cara was voted

 "Employee of the year" for the last two

 years in a row at the Honda Center.  

Come on by, have a beer with her 

and see why!

Peter and Jill
                       Owners of the                      Black Watch Pub for 20+ years

You've never met a more welcoming duo who 's middle names are hospitality. They treat their staff and customers with the utter most respect and gratitude, all while being the life of the party. You might catch em during the week behind the bar or chatting away with patrons.